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NEW LEVEL RELEASED (screenshots here)
The New Engine is now ready and will have trailers are now being released on Youtube. You can check them out by clicking here. Enjoy your stay and stay tuned for All Shall Die's Video Game Release coming in Febuary 2008!

Metal Kill is a PC First Person Shooter Video Game featuring signed Artists from around the world. Our new game trailer demo is now released with our new engine with music provided by Suffocation, Fear Factory, Threat Signal, All Shall Perish and Cattle Decapitation and Evan's Blue. Can you defeat Tristitia? Can you defeat Tristitia? Through trial and error, you have discovered 82 types of armaments that are effective against the underworld hordes. Little is known about the underworld menace, but it seems that the evolving skeletons that have overwhelmed the world are the weakest type of these creatures. It also seems that the underworld is now poorly defended, with almost all forces engaged on Earth. Against the protests of my men, I have prayed to our exiled Gods for guidance – and have become committed that I must be the first, solo wave of assault against the underworld. My mission is to find the commanders and creators of this army, and put a stop to the assault. The scientists believe they can learn more about the portals as I travel through the landscape, and hope to provide strategic supplies as I make progress in my war against hell itself.

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The Technology for building video games is now here for recording artists at an affordable price! Metal Kill creates video games for the music industry helping Artists increase record sales. Along with programmer TJ Killers, Metal Kill will produce and build Video Games and release them online for download. Need a Video game custom to fit your needs? The Technology for building video games is now here for recording artists at an affordable price! Contact us here: TJ@metalkill.com

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